Building and Planning

Young Shire Council has tools, forms and guidelines to help you with planning and building, construction and development. A range of permits or permissions may be required depending on the type of work to be undertaken and the location of the work.

Whilst the NSW Planning System can be tricky to navigate, our staff are here to help with what is the appropriate way to get a consent in place or even if it is “exempt development”. We recommend you contact Council before lodging any permit applications and ask to speak with one of the Building Inspectors or Town Planners.

Council Forms page has a range of forms as well as supporting documents (Statement of Environmental Effects templates) that will assist you in this process.

Council’s development policy framework exists in one complete document called a Development Control Plan. This document has different sections for the different types of development or zone you may be in. It has been written in plain English and is a performance and controls based document that gives you what Council is after but also it gives you solutions that are deemed to satisfy these controls.

You can also view the list of policies adopted by Council on the Policies page for some development work that is not covered by the DCP.

If in any doubt, or if help is required, a phone call to (02) 6380 1203 is a cheap solution rather than starting work without knowing, or without approval.