Council’s Environmental& Public Health team investigates pollution complaints and incidents to prevent and pollutants and hazardous materials from entering our environment. There may be some situations when the NSW Environmental Protection Authority may be appropriate regulatory authority.

Pollution matters will usually fall within one of four main types of pollution;

  • air,
  • noise,
  • land, and
  • water.

Council’s Authorised Officers are empowered under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 to investigate and prevent pollution incidents and events.

Polluters must report leaks, spills and other pollution incidents to Council on 02 6380 1200 or the NSW EPA on 131 555 (if premises has an Environmental Protection Licence).

Asbestos is an area that is of growing concern for the community and as a result Council is seeing an increasing numbers of enquiries and complaints about asbestos issues.

Asbestos fibres were widely used in building materials before the mid 1980’s. products made from bonded asbestos include fibro sheeting, water drainage and flue pipes, roof shingles and guttering.

If asbestos containing materials are in sound condition and left undisturbed, it generally will not present a significant risk.

For further information on how to manage asbestos safely visit