Young Shire Council recognises that many people keep and enjoy the companionship of various kinds of pets.

There are real benefits associated with pet ownership - socially, physically and mentally – however pet ownership can also be a common cause of complaint and conflict. Pet ownership should be considered a privilege and brings with it a number of responsibilities.

To ensure pets are not a nuisance to the community or other animals, owners are required to make sure they respect their obligations for pet ownership under the Companion Animals Act 1998.

For any queries relating to the keeping of pets in the Council area, or for animal shelter inquiries, please contact Council on 02 6380 1200.

Identification & Registration

Identification is essential to be able to reunite owners with lost pets, identify offending animals and to communicate with pet owners.

The Companion Animals Act 1998 requires that all Companion Animals are;

  • microchipped at 12 weeks or prior to sale (whichever occurs first), and
  • registered on the Companion Animals Register by 6 months of age.

Owners are also required to notify certain changes and events such as change of ownership and address, throughout the course of the pets’ life and also ultimately when a registered pet passes away.                    

Lifetime Registration Fees for cats and dogs are:

  • $195 Non-sterilised animal
  • $22 de-sexed animal, for an animal that has been sterilised, and owned by a Pensioner, (pension card must be shown and sterilisation certificate required
  • $53 for a Sterilised animal, sterilisation certificate require
  • $53 Recognised breeder, Proof Required

There are some exemptions for working dogs and also for cats born prior to 1/7/1999. Please check with Council on the definitions of working dogs.

Any person wishing to register a dog or cat can do so at the Customer Service Area at Young Town Hall. You must bring all necessary documentation such as microchip details, sterilisation certificate, breeder's card or pension card. Please note that microchipping is not registration.

Responsible pet ownership

In addition to your responsibilities relating to microchipping and registering your dog or cat, updating your dog or cat's details on the NSW Companion Animals Register, ensuring that your dog or cat does not threaten or harm a person or animal and ensuring that your dog or cat does not cause a nuisance, you have other responsibilities as a pet owner. We have listed some points below, however more information can be found on the Office of Local Government website.

Animal Welfare Responsibilities

As a cat or dog owner, you have a responsibility to look after their basic welfare needs, including:

  • Provide your cat or dog with an appropriate balanced diet and clean, cool water at all times
  • Ensure that your cat or dog has adequate shelter suitable for all weather conditions
  • Ensure that your cat or dog is well socialised, trained and exercised
  • Ensure your cat or dog's good health with regular veterinary check ups, worming, tick and flea treatments
  • If you are not going to breed from your cat or dog, you are strongly encouraged to have it desexed (permanently sterilised) to prevent unwanted litters.

Animal Pound & Impounding

Council aims to return as many companion animals to their owners as possible, however, in some circumstances animals will be impounded.

If your animal is impounded it will be kept for at least the mandatory time period required under the Companion Animals Act, which is 14 days, if the animal is identified and 7 days if there is no identification on the animal. After that period, all animals that are suitable for re-homing are rehomed through rescue agencies as per with Council’s Rehoming of Companion Animals Policy.                        

Fees for the release of impounded Companion Animals are as follows. Release fees have to be paid before any animal can be released. If the animal is not registered, it has to be microchipped and registered as part of the release.

  • Release fee (1st time) $55
  • Release fee (2nd or subsequent time) $71
  • Sustenance fee (per day) $16
  • Microchip Fee $50

Animals can be released between the hours of 9.00am - 4.00pm Monday to Friday (Public Holidays excluded) by contacting the Council on 02 6380 1200 and arranging a mutually convenient time.

Off Leash Area

Council provides a non-fenced off leash area at Jack Howards Park on Whiteman Avenue.

In all other parts of the Shire (including Parks and Ovals) you must have your pet under effective control by way of a leash.

Ranger Information

  • Council responds to complaints and actively patrols for animals straying in public places.
  • Rangers do not pick up stray dogs after hours.
  • Rangers can be contacted on 0408 298 413.

Resources & Links

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Companion Animal Act 1998