Young Shire Council maintains 5 cemeteries (1 monumental, 1 lawn and 3 villages). Councils Utility services department manages these cemeteries and is responsible for the maintenance, interments, record keeping, liaison with funeral directors, contract management, asset improvement and maintenance of health standards and other legislative requirements relating to these cemeteries.


Young General (monumental) Cemetery was established in April 1861. The Cemetery was run by the Church Trust until 1978 when Young Shire Council took over the management of the cemetery.

The Monumental Cemetery - Young Shire
Located on Olympic Highway South, Young.

The cemetery, which is entirely monumental, has been laid out in denominational portions that include Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Uniting Church, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, Brethren and Muslim.

The monumental cemetery is now closed for new burials unless families have prior documented reservations.

Young Lawn Cemetery
Located on Thornhill Street, Young.           

Young Lawn Cemetery was established in 1978. The lawn cemetery is non denominational, new interments must take the next available plot in the sequence.

Plots in the Young Lawn Cemetery cannot be reserved.

Also located at the Lawn Cemetery is the Columbarium and Rose Garden where ashes may be interned.

Young Shire Village Cemeteries

Murringo Cemetery
Located on the Olympic Highway, Murringo.

Located approximately halfway between Young and Boorowa, Murringo was originally known as Marengo. Murringo General Cemetery displays inscriptions dating from 1859. Many of the district's pioneers are buried here.

The Cemetery has been laid out in denominational portions that include Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Uniting Church, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist and Baptist.

Monteagle Cemetery
Located on Sads Lane, Monteagle           

Monteagle Cemetery is divided into Anglican, Catholic and Wesleyan (Methodist) portions. It contains inscriptions dating from 1904 to the present day.

Monteagle - a cemetery of significance. Monteagle Cemetery is one of the last remaining original patches of Grassy Whitebox woodland in New South Wales and is protected by a Voluntary Conservation Agreement (VCA). The rare and valuable remnant of grassy box woodland contained in this cemetery is unusual because like most of the woodlands, it has rarely been grazed by sheep and cattle. Although it is only small (4ha) and many of its trees have been cleared, it has some of the highest quality native understorey remaining in New South Wales. The grassy understorey is dominated by kangaroo grass (Themeda australis) and Snow grass (Poa sieberiana), with many native herbs and wildflowers growing between the grasses.

For more information regarding Voluntary Conservation Agreements follow this link.

Koorawatha Cemetery
Located off the Olympic Highway at Koorawatha (on Cemetery Lane).            

Koorawatha Cemetery is divided into denominational portions, all of which are clearly signposted. The cemetery appears to have been in use since the turn of the 20th century, the earliest inscription extant being dated 1900.

Cemetery Application Forms

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Further information
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Information regarding burials for family history can also be found at the Young Library and on the Cemetery Index Website.