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Young Shire Council's sewerage system services almost 4000 residential and non-residential properties. The sewerage scheme consists of approximately 76 km of gravity sewer pipelines and five small pumping systems with an associated total of 3 km of pressure pipelines (rising mains). The pumping stations serve only about 3% of the properties as 97% of the loads gravitate directly to the Young Sewage Treatment Plant.

Sewage Treatment Plant

The Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) operates under a NSW EPA license. One of the requirements of the license is to develop a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP).

Council tests for a range of parameters to ensure the efficient and effective performance of the STP. Council is also required to publish these results on the website. These can be accessed from here.

Connecting to the Sewerage System
If you are building a new house or want to connect to the town sewerage system, you require a Sewerage connection approval.

This form should be read in conjunction with Council’s Water and Sewerage Headworks Contribution Policy found on the policies page.

Sewage Blockages and Overflows
Sewage can overflow from the network as a result of wet weather events where large amounts of stormwater enter the system above the capacity of what the sewer network can handle. Stormwater generally enters the sewerage system through cracked pipes as a result of tree roots, cracked manhole lids or illegal connections to the system.

In dry weather, an overflow may be due to a blockage, damage to pipes, or a power system failure of a pumping station. Overflows can result in untreated sewage directly entering the waterways or the local environment. Council is responsible to report this immediately to the EPA when this occurs.

What to do if you notice a sewer overflow?
If you notice sewage leaking or overflowing from the network of pipes and manholes, contact Council immediately on 02 6380 1200 during business hours or 0419 275 991 after hours. YSC are responsible to clean up the overflow if it has occurred from the Council system.

If the sewage leak is on your property, immediately call a licensed plumber. Homeowners or plumbers requiring general advice can call YSC on 02 6380 1200 between 8:30am and 5:00pm weekdays.

Blockages and Sewage Overflows at Your Premises
If you are having trouble draining your sink, toilet or shower, or you are experiencing an overflow, this could be a sign of a blockage.

The first thing you should do if you believe your sewerage pipes may be blocked is call a licensed plumber. They will be able to tell you if the blockage is in pipes and if it is an issue for the owner or Young Shire Council.

What you can do to prevent blockages occurring
In Council’s system blockages are often caused by tree roots or excessive amounts of oils and fats in the pipes. Likewise in the household there are a number of things that can cause blockages to your sewer pipes. To help prevent blockages here are a few simple tips: