Water and Sewerage Best Practice Management

Young Shire Council as the local water utility is required to meet the requirements of the NSW Best-Practice Management of Water Supply and Sewerage Framework as outlined by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) . The aim of Best Practice is to provide effective and sustainable water supply and sewerage businesses.

The NSW best practice management framework is the key driver for reform of planning and management and for continuing performance improvement. The framework includes the following elements:

  1. Integrated Water Cycle Management
  2. Strategic Business Planning
  3. Regulation and pricing of water supply, sewerage and trade waste
    • Pricing (included in the fees and charges)
    • Developer charges
    • Liquid trade waste (fees and charges)
  4. Water Conservation
  5. Drought Management
  6. Performance monitoring – Council reports its performance on an annual basis to the DPI. Benchmarking reports are produced by DPI on an annual basis assessing and comparing performance of all LWUs in the state.