Economic Development Prospectus Economic Development Prospectus (5539 KB)

Right from the start it has enjoyed economic diversity as the foundation of success.

Population growth comparisons are very encouraging; the 2006 census showed the Young Shire Local Government are had a population of 11,984 and this increase by 252 people in 2011 to 12,236.Over the same period neighbouring towns have experienced much slower growth and in a number of instances population decline.

Today Young's major industries of agriculture, horticulture, construction, engineering and steel fabrication, retail and service industries mean that residents can enjoy a variety of stable employment options and advancement opportunities along with a very comfortable standard of living.Young services a population base of 56,000 people who are all within an hour's drive of the town, the town itself is just three and a half hours drive south west of Sydney and the shire encompasses 2,693 square kilometres; it is home to in excess of 1,900 individual businesses and this number is constantly growing.

There are excellent transport, power, energy and telecommunication networks all servicing local business which enjoys the luxury of easy access to potential markets.

The town and district's central location to Sydney, Canberra, Wagga, Bathurst, Orange and Wollongong with approximately 60% of Australia's population just 3.5 to 10 hours driving time from Young makes it the ideal location from which to do business.

For more information about investment opportunities in Young contact Council's Economic Development Officer on 02 6380 1224 or