State of Environment


Under the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IPR) a report on the environmental objectives in the Community Strategic Plan is due once every four years as part of the Annual Report in the year of the ordinary election.

The State of the Environment Report (SoER) is a requirement under Section 428A of the Local Government Act 1993.

(3) The state of the environment report is to:             
a) establish relevant environmental indicators for each environmental objective, and
b) report on, and update trends in, each such environmental indicator, and
c) identify all major environmental impacts (being events and activities that have a major impact on environmental objectives).

Environmental monitoring and reporting can increase our understanding of the issues, pressures and possible impacts on and for our environment. This enables us to plan and respond to these pressures, provide information to our community and the organisations who live and impact on our environment, and fulfill Council and the communities role as custodians of the environment.

The information in the SoER should be used to inform Council’s preparation of the Community Strategic Plan and continue to inform the required reviews of the Community.


State of the Environment Report 2008-2012 State of the Environment Report 2008-2012 (1121 KB)