Exempt and Complying development in the Young Local Government Area comes under the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and complying development) 2008.

By using the link below you can access the policy on the NSW Legislation website. Should you need more information or wish to discuss your plans and ideas with one of Council’s Development Specialists then please contact us on 02 6380 1203.

Our professional staff (Town Planners, Building Surveyors and Health Inspectors) are available up until 12 noon for a walk-in enquiry. After this time, or for specific pre DA lodgment meetings or advice you should make an appointment by calling the above number and discussing this with our Technical Assistants.

A phone call or a quick question can most times save on misunderstandings or heartache later. Let us help you to get the job right.


Complying Development Complying Development (97 KB)

Exempt Development Exempt Development (105 KB)

NSW Government Legislation