Development consent must generally be obtained to erect a building, carry out work, carry out retailing of goods or change from one type of use to another, unless the development is exempt development. Exempt development is provided for within the Young LEP 2010 and also a variety of State Environmental Planning Policies.

Some development may well be complying development. Complying development can be carried out with Council approval according to set conditions. That approval must be given within ten days. Complying development is also provided for within the Young LEP 2010 and also a variety of State Environmental Planning Policies.

Other development is either local development (including advertised development), integrated development, designated development, development under Part 3A or state significant development. These forms of development will require a full development application, and each form of development has specific requirements as set out in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (1979) and the Regulations.

Note: most development within Young Shire is either complying development, local development or integrated development. Council can provide specific advice relating to the form of development and requirements.

If you are unsure on what type of development application you may need to make (if at all), please contact Council’s Planning Department on 02 6380 1203 during business hours.


Below are some important documents, forms and links to information on how to put together a successful Development Application.

Development Application Development Application (88 KB)

Application for Construction Certificate Application for Construction Certificate (47 KB)

Application for Complying Development Certificate Application for Complying Development Certificate (57 KB)


Council has some fact sheets prepared that may also be of assistance on a lot of areas commonly asked about. Please go to the link below and peruse these documents prepared. GO TO FACT SHEETS


Should you need more information or wish to discuss your plans and ideas with one of Council’s Development Specialists then please contact us on 02 6380 1203.

Our professional staff (Town Planners, Building Surveyors and Health Inspectors) are available up until 12 noon for a walk-in enquiry. After this time, or for specific pre DA lodgment meetings or advice you should make an appointment by calling the above number and discussing this with our Technical Assistants.

A phone call or a quick question can most times save on misunderstandings or heartache later. Let us help you to get the job right.