Section 94 and Section 94A Plans 

Public Exhibition Documents

Council has resolved to apply a Section 94 and Section 94A Plan pursuant to the provisions of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, 1979. The purpose of these Plans is to levy charges on development to raise funds for the provision of capital infrastructure arising from development linked to that development, and also for community related facilities.

The Section 94 and Section 94A Plans establish the costs of the works, the purpose, the process and application of the levy and also what exemptions will apply. These Plans apply at the development application stage and prior to issue of a construction certificate or alternatively, with any complying development certificate when lodged.

The Section 94 Plan applies to;

  • Subdivisions in the RU4 (Primary Production – Small Lots) Zone
  • Subdivision or development in the IN1 (General Industrial) Zone
  • Carparking (commercial development) not able to be provided on-site in the B4 (Mixed Use) Zone

The Section 94A Plan applies to;

  • Development exceeding $100,000 in value
  • Applies at a sliding scale on value.

Council’s former Section 94 Plan for Carparking in the CBD and Stormwater North Young has been formally repealed and replaced by the following documents.

Statutory Documents 

Section 94 Contributions Plan Section 94 Contributions Plan (5373 KB)

Section 94A Contributions Plan Section 94A Contributions Plan (694 KB)



Council currently has two (2) contributions plans in place. These are made under the relevant legislation and are as follow:

  • Section 64 under the Local Government Act 1993 - Sewer
  • Section 64 under the Local Government Act 1993 - Water

These plans are currently under review and as available, links will be supplied for the revised versions. Should you need more information or wish to discuss your plans and ideas with one of Council’s Development Specialists then please contact us on 02 6380 1203.

Further to Council’s plans there is a water contributions plan under the Goldenfields Water County Council. For information regarding this plan, please contact Goldenfields County Council. Their contact details are


84 Parkes Street
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