Young Shire Council meets on the third Wednesday of each calendar month at 5.00pm, in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, Boorowa Street, Young.

Council makes available copies of Council business papers on the night of the Council meetings. Copies are also available from the General Manager's Secretary from the Monday prior to the meeting. Members of the public are encouraged to attend Council meetings.

Public Access to Council Meetings

In November, 1995 Council established a policy which provides for public access to Council meetings via an Open Forum session at all Ordinary meetings of Council. Details of the guidelines under which this policy operates are set out below.

As mentioned above, access to Council meetings by the public is encouraged however, Council needs to maintain the rules and conventions set down in the Local Government Act, 1993 and Regulations. Accordingly, the following information is provided for the benefit of persons attending Council meetings.

  1. The Mayor, or Chairperson of the Meeting, has statutory control of the meeting and will provide directions to the person wishing to address Council. The presentation will end when the Mayor so directs.
  2. The Mayor retains the right to interrupt or close a presentation if it is believed that to continue would impinge on the laws of libel or defamation; if the matter is outside the guidelines, or if the matter contravenes the Act or Regulations.
    Accusations or allegations of wrongdoing against Council members or staff will not be allowed in the Open Forum session. These matters are to be addressed formally in writing to the Mayor, to the General Manager, or to other appropriate bodies.
  3. The Mayor has the right to limit the number of presentations in total so that the Open Forum session does not unduly impinge on Council business or is used for unnecessary repetition or duplication of points of view.

Guidelines for Open Forum During Council Meetings

  1. The public are invited to address Council on any local government issue at the commencement of the Meeting.
  2. Persons interested in addressing Council are to be in the Council Chambers fifteen (15) minutes prior to the commencement of the Meeting and must convey to the General Manager their wishes to address Council, and on what particular issue.
  3. Addresses are to be a maximum of five (5) minutes in length with the total time allowed for this agenda item being 30 minutes.
  4. Should there be more than one person wishing to address Council on an issue, then those persons are to nominate one person to represent the group.
  5. Councillors may ask questions of the person addressing Council, for a period of time which will be at the discretion of the Mayor, or Chairperson.
  6. Staff may be asked to comment on an issue, or if investigation is required, a report to a subsequent meeting may be required.
  7. No motions or resolutions are to be moved during Open Forum session.
  8. The Mayor, or Chairperson, only is to respond, or staff if requested.
  9. If no person is in the gallery at the starting time of the meeting, the next item on the agenda is proceeded with.
  10. No written material is to be submitted during Open Forum session.

Council Meetings & Minutes

To access a copy of the meeting and minute documents please click on the year and then the month that you want to download. All documents are supplied in a PDF format and vary in size.

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