About Council and Young

A Vision for the Community

In establishing a statement of vision for the community we are trying to establish what it is the community wants to see, what is in your minds eye. Perhaps another way of explaining the vision statement is that it is a statement of what our community would wish to be like in the future.

"Our community shall enjoy a quality of life and services second to no other country town in Australia."

Council’s Mission – Our Purpose

The mission statement is a statement of what the organisation will do, for whom, and to what standard.

"Our mission is to plan and deliver quality services, and encourage responsible development, for the community in an equitable manner."

Young Shire 2014-2015 Financial Year

Council Established  1980, Amalgamation
Population (estimate)  12,500
Area (square km)  2,670

North-East =Cowra Shire

East = Boorowa Shire

South -East = Harden Shire

South-West = Cootamundra Shire

West= Temora Shire

North-West = Weddin Shire 

Rate Assessments (approx.)  6,600
Young Shire Council Employee Profile  
Total Employees 110
Number of Councillors 9

Details on rates and charges can be found here.